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Reconstruct history from a female perspective and everything changes to reveal new landscapes and timelines.  HerStoria  turns a kaleidoscope on the past to uncover a different history - women’s history - and celebrate the women who made it.

HerStoria is edited by Claire G Jones. As well as editing HerStoria, Claire has published widely on the history of women and is an expert on gender and science in the 19th and early 20th century. Her book Femininity, Mathematics and Science won the 2010 Women’s History Network Book Prize.

Debate the issues

Debate the issues that influence the way history is made: Are women making themselves heard on the radio and TV? Are young historians in school learning about women’s history? Are women given an equal voice? Do museums and heritage centres provide a balanced view of history? Are our public memorials fair to women? Where are the women in the archive?

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Got a book review you want to share with HerStoria readers? We encourage short book reviews by readers who want to share with everyone a great book themed on women and history. Books reviewed can be factual, historical biographies or historical novels; they could be recently published, older classics or a brilliant book that has been forgotten. Tell us what your chosen text means to you and why. Reviews should be up to 400 words -  post your review using the contact form and  your review will be considered for publication.

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