Spring 2009

Our first groundbreaking issue of HerStoria will inform, surprise and entertain you.

Highlights include

  • Jo Stanley ‘s history of women pirates, and her reflections on researching ‘outsider’ women.
  • Hockey sticks to the ready as Ju Gosling takes us on a journey to remember Girls’ School Stories and explains their significance to women’s history.
  • Fiona Hobden sheds light on some unexpected aspects of the lives and loves of Sappho and the women of ancient Greece
  • Claire Jones asks was Bess of Hardwick a scheming social climber or woman succeeding in a man’s world?
  • Where is the women’s history in schools? Sue Johnson goes in search
  • We also have an interview with Lesley Hall and an exploration of the Wellcome medical archives, a women’s history walk around Bloomsbury in London, reviews, news, listings and more.

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