HerStoria Magazine

HerStoria Magazine was a print magzine of women’s history, previously published through this website.  Click on the covers below to see details of every magazine published. If you have any questions about HerStoria magazine, please use our Contact form.

Great news - you can now buy digital and print editions of these magazines.  Downloads are available immediately worldwide  for just £1.99 (about $3.50 or €2.50), print magazines from £2.50 plus postage.  Click the magazines below then ‘add to cart’ any magazines you wish to purchase.  Alternatively if you already know which magazines you want  go to the Digital Magazine Purchase page  for immediate download purchases, or go to the Print Magazine Purchase page for purchases of the available print editions - issues 1 through 5 and 7.  When you have completed your purchases check out and you will receive a confirmation email with links to download your magazines.  Printed copies will be dispatched as soon as possible.  We hope you enjoy them.

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