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How Britain’s women fought & died for the right to vote Frank Meeres is a senior archivist and author living and working in Norwich where he has been involved with important local historical activities. Norfolk played a significant role in the

The King’s Smuggler

This intriguing book is an account of the life of Jane Whorwood. Whorwood’s main claim to fame is that she acted as a courier of money and information when Charles I was captive in Newcastle in 1647 and was part

Women in the 1920s

Pamela Horn provides an informative and detailed account of life for women during the 1920s in Britain. She works her way carefully through different aspects of women’s lives, closely examining the variety of experience. Each chapter takes a theme, so

Cleopatra: A Biography

by Duane W. Roller (Oxford University Press, viagra diagnosis 2010) hardback, rrp £14.99 Reviewed by Christina Riggs Mother of four. Sailor. Author. Medical student. Not exactly the sexpot of Shakespearean lore and Hollywood legend. But history suggests that there was

Beautiful For Ever

Madame Rachel of Bond Street – Cosmetician, discount Con-Artist and Blackmailer by Helen Rappaport (Long Barn Books, and 2011) paperback, rrp £8.99 Reviewed by Issy Shannon. How could any woman resist the blandishments of a shop promising eternal beauty? In


by Bram Stoker (Vintage Classics, check 2007) rrp £5.99. Reviewed by Linda Friday. Women’s history best read with the lights on… Most of us will be familiar with Bram Stoker’s anti-hero, the dark, dangerous and sexually-magnetic Dracula, but not all

Land Girls and Their Impact

by Ann Kramer (Remember When: Pen & Sword Books, sales 2009) paperback, generic   rrp £14.99 Reviewed by Sue Johnson. Land Girls & Their Impact is a welcome addition to the history of this important service which was active in

Like Mayflies in a Stream

by Shauna Roberts (Hadley Rille Books, sovaldi sale 2009) paperback, recipe rrp £9.99 Reviewed by Rebecca Bowles Lawson Shauna Roberts takes the reader on a rich and compelling journey to the ancient city of Uruk in Mesopotamia, approximately 4750 years