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Look at history from a female perspective and everything changes. HerStoria magazine in print, and Discover Women's History Web online, will entertain, inform and create a community. We turn a kaleidoscope on the past to uncover a different history - women's history - and celebrate the women who made it.

Published in the UK, HerStoria magazine is a high quality print magazine.


HerStoria Summer 2011 cover
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Summer 2011 Issue

Highlights include

  • Sex, politics and Caesars daughter
  • Deperately romantic?: The scandal of Effie Ruskin
  • Memories of life in a women's Japanese prisoner of war camp
  • Rediscovered: The life and art of a lost lesbian couple
  • The Swinging Sixties... and the Sizzling Seventies:
    Issy Shannon continues her history of women’s magazines
  • Countess Isabella’s Maxims for Young Ladies
  • Women's History walk around Glasgow

Also News, Curator’s Choice, Reviews, Listings and MORE.

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Explore the past

HerStoria magazine explores the past to discover how the other half lived, telling the story of ordinary – and  extraordinary – women. We bring you opinions about the female sex from across the centuries, and investigate the ways in which women responded and lived their lives.

Debate the issues

Debate the issues that influence the way history is made: Are women making themselves heard on the radio and TV? Are young historians in school learning about women’s history? Are women given an equal voice in popular and high brow history? Do museums and heritage centres provide a balanced view of history? Are our public memorials fair to women? Do we forget our heroines too easily?

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Read reviews of new and not so new books including biographies, popular history and novels.

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