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Autumn 2009 HerStoria magazine cover

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Autumn 2009 Issue

The new look Autumn issue of HerStoria Magazine is packed with great articles and features.

  • The ref was tackled by a flock of infuriated beings in petticoats supposed to be women. We look at the history of women football fans from the 19C.
  • ‘She acquired a Chinese toy whose figures, when wound up,performed obscene acts’. A profile of England’s most provocative Queen.
  • Hemlines and Handicaps. The history and significance of ladies’ golfing attire—the first of a regular column on the social history of dress.
  • Whore, harlot or witch? Did early modern witch trials really resemble early soap operas?
  • Pre-Raphaelite model turned first woman in Whitehall we introduce you to a remarkable woman.
  • Activist with Attitude. A new series on ‘Radical Lives’, beginning with a Pankhurst who doesn’t get the attention paid to her mother and sister – but who should.
  • ‘They wouldn’t do it if they could get married’. HerStoria asks why the idea of women doctors was so shocking to so many Victorians.
  • Walking with Suffrage in Huddersfield. HerStoria’s regular women’s history walk.
  • Dressing Emma. Costume design on the new BBC Austen adaptation.

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